Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Age cannot wither etc.

I'm going to have to get the main point of this very quickly because the backstory gets in the way of an ohmygod.

So remember I told you about Gareth?

To recap, he's a cocky 21-year-old who I had interactions with after we met at the gym. At the time I thought he lived with his wealthy parents who were away because we went back to his place in Marble Arch.

Well. That story's moved on a bit. A few weeks ago I saw him at the gym and we had that uncomfortable "we're strangers but we've shagged" chats. Anyway, it turns out that the house we went back was not his parents but his partners'!

Of course I laugh and joke that I wouldn't have gone back with him had I known. This is an attempt to show that I am a decent and moral bloke, even though, if he were to ask me again, I would happily have further interactions.

At the end of our conversation he says that sometimes him and his partner work out together so if I see him again with his other half, could I maybe be a little discreet. Interpret this as "when I'm with my boyfriend don't even fucking pretend to pretend that you know me cause nothing ever happened."

I'm fine with that. (Unless the boyfriend is double-hotness, then I'll just be a vicious bitter queen.)

Cut to tonight and there I am in the change-rooms, wrapped in a towel.

And lo! It's Gareth and the boyf, but I am shocked!

So Gareth notices me and looks the other way and I'm getting undressed to go and shower while he is getting dressed with his other half.

His other half is quicker than he is and is ready first. He tells Gareth "I'll see you outside in a bit."

The other half heads off and Gareth looks up at me, smiles and says "cheers, mate..."

I have to ask because I just have to. I have to!

"Mate, is that your partner?"

"Yeah, man...", he says knowing exactly what I'm about to ask. Which I do...

"Can I just ask - and you don't have to tell me and I know you're going to think I'm rude and I know I'm out of line but can I ask what the.. um..."

Gareth laughs; "haha, don't be silly, mate - he's 39 years older than me."


I just went "oh right. Okay haha yeah... well, have a great evening. And maybe see you around or something what maybe okay" and with that he smiles and we part.

Gareth's partner was slightly hunched, had wispy silver hair, thin legs and knobly knees. Maths means he must be around 60 years old. Gareth is 21. But make no mistake - Gareth is a fittie. He is cocky, young with a sixpack and a great butt.

I haven't used this word ever on my blog ever but I am flabbergasted. What do you say to that!?

Who are we to judge? Who are we to cast Nasturtiums? But 39 fucking years older!?

Either he was lying and that was his dad. But dads and sons don't share gym tog-bags and even then, dads and sons are usually at the gym together at 9pm at night. And they didn't look alike.

And his "boyfriend" wasn't even hot - he was an old-looking 60 year old. Maybe's he a rent? But why would you ever pay £100 to take your rent boy to gym?!

D'ya know. Maybe they are in a loving relationship and Gareth is allowed to shag around because he has urges that young gay boys have. Still though, a 39-year age difference!

Flabbergasted. Like literally, jaw hang open on floor etc.


Anonymous said...

Shame no one uses the word flabbergasted anymore, it's so nice.

He might genuinly be attracted to a 60 year old and love him dearly despite the oodles of cash the he must have, a bit like Anna Nicole Smith.

Ah, Anna Nicole Smith the unrecognised saint of our age.

dickophile said...

hes not in love. hes just in it for the money. he may not be a rent boy but he must be a gold digger. no fucking way hes in love with a 60 yr old. no fucking way. if i were you i would borrow your friends ferrari and take it to the gym. it would temp little gareth right away from his gramps.

Steven said...


Timmy said...

If what he is saying is true, then:
1) flabbergasted is the word;
2) there is hope for me that I too will someone, someday;
3) if I were to date someone 39 years younger than me, that means he is 7 years old right now and still in elementary school so I have a long wait ahead of me.

fleetmonkey said...

Three words - Anna Nicole Smith - two more - Sugar Daddy.

You'll probably find that his partner wasn't at home at the flat when you went there as he was at home with his wife.

Just don't go looking through the pictorial version of whos's who(if there is such a thing) - you will probably find partner is an MP (was all the furniture from John Lewis?) - or a high court judge.

London Preppy said...

Dear Bobby,

I realise that you're very young and naive and innocent and you were born yesterday and all, but let me introduce you to the concept of a "sugar daddy".

And seriously, when he told you that the Marble Arch place (that originally made you think he had "wealthy parents") belonged to his partner and not his parents, didn't you instantly think: OK, it's obvious what's going on here - "partner = sugar daddy".

Maybe I've been on this planet too long

Bill said...


Well, there's a few things to say:

- there's hope for me yet! (I'm 56);

- human relations know few boundaries so 'get with the programme!' and leave your ... well, get over it;

- I was 20, 30, 40 and then 50, just like everyone else of my age and had some of the same attitudes as you, but nowhere nearly so intensely; my 30th was certainly my most 'traumatic' birthday, didin't mind the 40th and 50th so much, so I to some extent know where you are ocming from;

- one day you will be 40, then 50, then 60 and I hope you will be as fortunate as these two who, for whatever reason, live together and from what you say seem happy enough.

Have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...


Gareth is obviously making the most of what he's got to get by in life!... And although Gareth probably doesn't find his boyf attractive at all i'm sure he is treated very well indeed. Wouldn't do for me, but each to their own !

reminds me of a story of a guy i was dating, who turned up in a new convertable Mercedes. After asking him about his new car he informs me his "boss" has bought it for him. after commenting on what a nice man his boss is, i starting to actually pay attention to what his actual job role involved!.. well lets just say that my verison of chef/butler/house boy is a slightly different one to his!

Again this boys was extremely hot!.. lol...

Just Me said...

I don't know the guy but I am pretty sure it's not love. He probably stays in the relationship for the money.

Superdrewby said...

or just like thousands of other young gay men they find that the allure of money and security that an older man can provide is what they want.

I have lots of friends who are the sugar daddy or the toyboy in long term relationships....

and over in the US it's even more normalised.

The boys even move up in terms of weatlh, like starting off with a millionaire then a multi millionaire and then a billionaire.

It's not all that different than beautiful young women going out with older guys, anyone say Anna Nicole Smith?

Timmy said...

Since Anna Nicole's name keeps coming up and since I live in Houston where she resided I feel like I should defend(?) her honor(?). :-)

She was working at a titty bar here in Houston when J. Howard Marshall came in one night and spotted her. She had no idea who he was or knew anything about his wealth. HE pursued HER. And yes, he threw money and lavish gifts at her. Well that would get MY attention. :-)

It was an odd symbiotic relationship and they both seemed to be happy with it. So when the son contested the will I was probably one of the few who said, "Give her the damn money. She made him happy."

And just so you know, Houston IS full of crazy, white women. :-)

Bobby Cox said...

Oliver: Ah, Anna Nicole. Oliver it was such a pity. I mean even though she had her knockers, she was a really sweet girl.
Or something.

Steven: Overcome by it.

Bill! when I am 60 then I hope to have a partner who's around my age. And the thing is, is that like if I have interactions now with someone who's 18, I still think "he's very young"... how must that feel when you're 60! I am still flabbergasted!

Anon: At least he got a Merc...

Edd Espana said...

living at marble arch has a price.

Gabriel said...

a mutually dependent relationship at its best. everyone gets something out of it.