Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Let's fly!

We've been here a thousand times before.

As I type the next sentence I know you're going to roll your eyes. Fair enough.

So, there's a guy in the gym who I want.

He's not really my type but there's something very attractive about him. I can't tell you what it is but I like him. And this is the thing...

I know he, well... When I first saw him I knew he was gay because er - it was gay pride and he was there, standing with a British Airways banner.

So here's the thing.

There are some of you who read this who work for the world's favourite airline - I guess this guy also works for the same airline.

This guess is because was wearing the smart blue uniform and had a badge on.

I have hauled out the photos from the day and I've found picture with him in.

From the above picture, if you zoom in closer to under the banner... Were you in that group? Who is this guy?

I don't where this leaves us, other than that I look like a weird stalker.

However, if you work with this guy, or know who he is, please tell me first so that we can work out a hunting plan. Let's fly!


Anonymous said...

Gee as if working for BA wasn't gay enough.

Still that's a hot ...errrrr.... top of the head.

Good luck, report back with pics.

Bobby Cox said...

Oliver Oliver! It is a very very good top of the head actually.
but I'm sorry actually. Can we talk about something really importante?

Do you know when you're sitting in the office and you suddenly remember a song and then you think "god, I haven't heard that in ages, i'll download it when i get home" - and then you get home and you can't fucking remember what song it was. HOW irritating is that? Please try and remember what it is for me. Thanks. Oh dear. No, it wasn't Agadoo.
"Doo-doo push pineapple shake the tree..."

seahorse said...

go on son! He who dares he who dares! ...

dickophile said...

i dont think his own mother would recognize him from that picture.

Ja said...

I know what that look is. Thats the "I'd really like to take you home and do dirty things to you, but we go to the same gym and see each other every day-more than we see our friends-and chances are good this would be a one time thing because I lose interest quickly and that is only going to lead to awkward smiles and I think I'm just fine giving regular smiles right now-thank you very much-look.

but how am I to know.

Gemini's Life said...

What is it with you and getting upgrades with airlines? First the seats, now the boys?

kim said...

looks like Christian Bale to me ... please let it be Christian Bale.

Bobby Cox said...

Seahorse: I'm sorry but no-one's listening until you show us your bum.

Dick: I'm hoping SOMEONE will recognise him. Maybe.

Ja Rule: Ohmygod - you have it to a tee - and I'm worried it's going to turn into disinterested smiles. that would be a tragedy!
you've so summed it up! x x

Gemini: I havenm't had the upgrade yet! And besides, I am a seasoned Virgin Atlantic biatch. So...it's already doomed.

Kim: Hmm... I was trying to think, if he looked like a celebrity who would be look like... and I have to say it would be um. I have to think about this.

Gabriel said...

i think we are all going to hell one day for all these smile hockey games we play. see you there bitch!

seahorse said...

getting ready for 20hour ferry to greece so take the tube to hyde park and u can see that pale bum then in 2weeks time!

fleetmonkey said...

Celeberity wise I think he looks more like Chris Evans (hollywood hunk not ginger git)from what I can see.

seahorse said...

yaaaaaay they have internet on this god forsaken boat!! i am intending to change pic but now i cant upload from freakin phone until closer to land...so tomorrow there will be a decent pic in my sunday best rather...no bum.

czechOUT said...

is he sniffing poppers on the street?


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby,

no idea who he is but I will pass the pic about to see if he is at all stalkable!!

Ade x