Thursday, 31 July 2008

Viva Democracy! Viva!

We need to inflict democracy, Bobby-Style.

London Preppy (never heard of him, don't know who he is...) has a poll on his website that is asking readers which blog they read. I am on that list.

I want you all to get your sorry asses over there and vote for er, who the fuck do you think? You don't need me to tell you.

Log onto multiple computers if you have to. If you can prove you voted for You Know Who, I'll send you a signed photo of my knob. (If that doesn't float your boat then I'll sign your knob for you - or ladies; your boob.)

Remember that democracy brought down the Berlin Wall, it liberated South Africa and crushed the Iron Curtain so get voting. But of course only if it's the correct vote.

And naturally, I have asked Comrade London Preppy to investigate who hasn't put the tick in the right box. Not that that should altar your decision or anything.

So, Kommissars and Politburo Members, now is the time for all the Communist regimes and members of the world to unite for the Common Goal! Vote in support of You Know What's Good For You.

Otherwise we come and ship you off to the fucking gulags. Now we wouldn't want that, would we?!

Signed (and voted),

Please note. I have used (bespoke) Soviet communist imagery blended with light-hearted gags about Siberian gulags to publicise my point.

Anyone who doesn't get the joke and who doesn't vote for me is devoid of a sense of history and/or a sense of humour. You watch, the sad morasse of people with no sense of fun and intelligence will vote for everyone else.

Next day edit
So, of course I got the most votes first so thank you to everyone who took the time to vote. I wanna thank my mom and dad and of course I wanna save all the starving children in Africa.

The poll, like all novelties, wears off and I've done what Ricky Gervais did with The Office - he quit when he was on top. Therefore, I have officially pulled out of the race.

But thanks again for 'avin a laff. And just so that you don't think I am a raging narcissist who's desperate to be most popular girl in school, here's how I voted:


Aaron said...

Sorry, but I can't be trusted to put a tick in the right box when I left a chad hanging in Florida. Good luck on the recount.

Bobby Cox said...

Aaron: When this poll is concerned, there are no hanging chads.
Everyone loves ya!

Monty said...

I've ticked your box! And you are winning at the moment too!!! :-)

Now, where's my signed pic??? ;-)

seahorse said...

oh my f!£@&%€/ gawd... What i miss? Weird as fuck yeah. More More More info please! The sea air getting to me..:-)

Bobby Cox said...

Monty: You're winning. So you wanna signed pic? Me come to you or vica versa?
Seahorse: Still no butt? Sorry - get on it!

dickophile said...

i voted for you comrade bobby so please dont come after me!

Monty said...

You're more than welcome to come to involves 20 hrs flight but hey, I'll make it worth your while!!! ;-)

David said...

go bobby! your winning!
love the picture too

seahorse said...

but but but nooooo u r so demanding...i cant release butt, there is a tattoo on which cant go public...or maybe i will find a nice each today and strip down and get sum1 to take pic ok. patience. sorted. soon. dis finaal. mind u i found this butt cute recently...

fleetmonkey said...

Have placed my vote - viva la revolution.

Seeingas LP is doing this one - would be interesting to see what the results would be if you did one asking how people came across (how rude) your blog. I think I first visited from LP's blog myself.

seahorse said...

oh i do apologise...typo on weblink there. lets try again shall we.


Superdrewby said...

I voted for myself!

It's nothing but a popularity competition with you people!

Superdrewby said...

yep popularity contest!

Timmy said...

Я проголосовал для вас моего камрада. Длиной живет виток!

(I voted for you my comrade. Long live the revolution!)

Timmy said...

Oh! И теперь я хочу вас послать мной изображение.

(Oh! And now I want you to send me the picture.)

seahorse said...

ok. Its the normal pattern. You drunk. You had no sleep. Or it better be bloody good. So whats up bitch? Viva!

steevo said...

so i am 2late for a knobpic? damnittohell as pops sed.