Monday, 6 October 2008

Bottles at the back

There's a beautiful wine farm on the outskirts of Cape Town called Boschendal (say: "Bosh-in-dahl".)

When I was very little my parents took my sister and I there for a picnic. We thought it would be fun to hide from them so we climbed into the boot of my dad's car.

It took my parents "ages" to find us. They were "nearly about to call the police you two were so well hidden!"

Over the years, whenever we've had special family birthdays and anniversaries we've always gone for lunch to the restaurant at Boschendal because the Sunday buffet is amazing.

I remember once pigging out on the oysters and brandy snaps.

When I turned 21 my dad opened a huge bottle of Boschendal Lanoy to celebrate.

The last time we were was last year, my sister back from San Francisco, me and my mum and dad.

Earlier today I was in the Sainsbury's near my house. A day when everything and everyone is a little depressed and gloomy.

And in the aisle towards the back of the shop I go to the rack marked "South African". There Kate Bush is on my iPod singing.

Just being alive, it can really hurt.
These moments given are a gift from time.
Just let us try to give these moments back
To those we love, to those who will survive

And because I'm a little odd, I just stand near the bottles and think about where they've made their way from.

On some days just I feel homesick, I don't know why. It's just because.


Timmy said...

Thought about you last night. NO! Not THAT way. ;-)

I was invited to dinner at a neighbors' house and I took two bottles of South African Cabernet. I may not spell it correctly: Umkulu (I was told it means The Big One.)

Bobby Cox said...

Oh Timmy! I'm glad you're supporting the New World. I've never heard of Umkulu because what happens is wine producers in South Africa save their best stuff for export and rename it - so dinkys like me don't know which is which.
I hope it was good though.
And the Big One eh? hmm.... really?

Martin said...

Just think - we probably ran past each other, away from our respective parents, at some point as that was our regular weekend venue. Somewhere the parents could get drunk and the kids were safe...

Your post just made me homesick, and I still live here.

Suddenly I want to be 7 and rolling down the green lawns at La Petite Francais after rainbow trout, and ice cream & hot chocolate sauce.

chabang said...

....or because you're an alcoholic :-p

W said...

'amazing buffet' - is that not an oxymoron?

Bobby Cox said...

Marty: We probably did used to roll down the lawns together at La Petit Francais. How funny.
Do you know - i Love Franschoek. One of the best weekends I ever had there was when we stayed in Le Quartier Francais. Ohmygod how amazing is that place. I think I want to go back actually.

Chabang: In wine there is truth. Or something, I don't know.

W: or surely amazing buffet is tautology!?
(ps it really is amazing, amazing.)