Monday, 13 October 2008

Movie club Monday

This is bad:
Little Britain USA. Ohmygod, it's not even funny. Words can't even describe... Has anyone else had the displeasure of having to sit through this? Watching it is like being insulted.

It's the TV show I would use to torture my worst enemy with. It is so bad it makes me want to put the Little Britain DVD I have on eBay.
Actually, I'm embarrassed to have admitted that I own a Little Britain DVD. Bad.

This is good:
Californication. HMV are having a sale and it was only £20, marked down from £35 so I thought why not, given that I had heard so much about it.

I like it because it makes me fall in love with LA. Is there anyone reading this in LA? Cali... tries a little too hard to be like the street-cred version of Curb Your Enthusiasm - which nothing will ever come close to - but it's good.
I love Bill's 16 year old daughter who's just a nasty little vixen. It's good.

This is fucking excellent:
Gomorra. Ohmygod. I was totally blown away which is nearly an inappropriate thing to say.

Fuck. Okay, I am a gangster movie fan so I'm already halfway won over. It's about the mafia in Naples who're basically all just violent, poor and a bit fucking dum. But it's real, it's like watching real life.
Mark these words: it will be nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film at the 2009 Oscars.

It is bleak and empty and there is no redemption for anyone in the film and it is just astonishing.
I have two little bits for you. First is the brilliant theme tune from Massive Attack. I have been trying to find it to download but can't. Listen to it on YouTube.

Secondly, yes I admit. A nasty little Italian bitch with a bad attitude, in his underwear and firing a stolen automatic weapon kinda makes me a slightly excited.

I have to say that I loved Gomorra but. But! I have slightly off-key taste.

So those are my recommendations. Got any others? Movies, music and/or book suggestions will be grateful received and followed up...


timmartinez77007 said...

Californication is just twisted enough to keep me entertained.

yani said...

The 16yo daughter is even more of a vixen when you realise she's the same actress who played the youngest daughter on The Nanny...

Bobby Cox said...

Tim... what happened to the other login?! 77007, which licence is that?! :-0

Yani: I didn't realise she was in the nanny. Hello! How cool was the Nanny. And whatever happened to Fran Drescher? Does anyone like hear anything from her?

Anonymous said...

An LA reader here! Visit--thought the novelty would wear off quickly if you saw the smoke from the fires just north of us, if you had to sit for on the 405 going nowhere fast, if you lived on the far westside and your boyfriend lived in Los Feliz and you had a 1.5 drive on Friday evenings in order to get a little lovin'. Even so, well, I love LA.

Bobby Cox said...

Anon: Brilliant! I wanted to move to LA when I left school but my parents in Cape Town refused to let me because they thought it was too dangerous and scary - and having watched 8mm, I think they're kind of right. But then again it's no more scary than London maybe. Except without the guns.
I love that nearly everyone in LA is beautiful but empty.
Los Feliz sounds like fun - I have been looking up on Wikipedia. Posh. I like it.
And I love this part of the entry which veers from the facts into a nice little chatty verse:

"it's nearly impossible to get through a month without seeing a taping of a popular TV series or major motion picture"

fleetmonkey said...

Bobby - I can't believe you dont like Little Britain USA - I still love you more than Gummi Bears, Rainbows and Transexual Porn though.

Bobby Cox said...

Fleets: Do you honestly mean to tell me that you watch Little Britain USA and laugh until your sides ache?!
Please can you try and explain this to me because I find it like recycled cardboard. It's not even proper cardboard because it's all recycled.
I am going to have to take a lesson from you on this please.
I actually go very po-faced when I watch it because it's SO not funny.
And I LOVE the Gummi Bears - bouncing here and there and everywhere. High adventure that's beyond compare... etc.

Anonymous said...

I was embarrassed to see how poorly written my last comment was. How do you manage to post such great pose when you've arrived home after tipples?
It is true that you see taping around town -- but I never saw more of it then in NYC, where they are constantly filming for Law & Order (cue the "doont doont" sound associated with that series).
I'm sure you already know about -- that will give you a sense of just how vacuous it is. Nothing sadder than passing The Ivy on my way for vespers at the Abbey (you can google those hot spots, too). Oh, check out the new mecca to materialism, too: The Grove, filled with West Hollywood hotties (this "lifestyle center [viz. mall] now has more tourists than Disney per day, I'm told.)
LA is only slightly more violent than J-burg. Kidding, of course. It is not a dangerous city unless you are a poor person of color.
In any case, hope this is a sufficient tease to make you want to come to LA all the more.
I leave you with the words of Randy Newman:
Hate New York City
It's cold and it's damp
And all the people dressed like monkeys
Let's leave Chicago to the Eskimos
That town's a little bit too rugged
For you and me you bad girl...

From the South Bay to the Valley
From the West Side to the East Side
Everybody's very happy
'Cause the sun is shining all the time
Looks like another perfect day

I love L.A. (We love it)
I love L.A. (We love it)

czechOUT said...

Dear Frankie

script written by the partner of Paddy who we had dinner tonight, starring Gerrard B, everyone's favourite Scots hunk, and where we visited a few weeks ago.

Go get it, enjoy...

wayne said...

I can highly recommend the movie Lars and the Real Girl after seeing it recently. A bit weird, but funny and touching.

Bobby Cox said...

Wayne: Thanks for the recommendation - i will have a look and see if it's on circuit - and will go and watch... if i hate it, i'll blame you! x
(and demand you go and see something you may hate in return)...