Thursday, 2 October 2008

London Prepped

Hollywood rarely makes films about Hollywood because audiences don't really care.

Which I guess is much the same as blogging. Blogging about blogging can be a little tedious but I thought I'd make an exception.

In May last year there was a blog that was only about a month old.

I don't know if the person who wrote the blog noticed me or if I noticed them but an e-mail arrived. (Thanks to GMail, all these things are saved...)

It reads something like:

"Hi there,
I have a blog but I wanted some people to read it. Do you have any advice on how I could promote it maybe?

I wrote back that I wasn't really sure but I would write something on my blog to tell people about him.

He said he was only getting about 50 hits a day and no comments. He said he'd like just a few more people to read what he'd taken the time to write.

I posted the following...

"I want to introduce you to a person whose blog I've found.
He lives in London and, in a rather unnerving and breezy fashion, details just how much he's destroyed his life.
At the moment he's teetering on the edge of an addiction to painkillers.
And occasionally he flogs his sweaty underwear on eBay.
It's all rather amusing in the same way that a car crash on the M25 is.
I think you'll enjoy reading it, just as I do.

Here's a link to that blog...

Don't get me wrong. A blog is a blog is a blog - nothing more. It's writing on the internet, done by someone you've never met.

However sometimes you do end up following what people have written and taking an interest in their condition.

I've never properly met London Preppy, we've probably exchanged no more than 10 words in real life but somehow I feel like I know him. That's the funny thing with these blogs.

Tomorrow I could be sat next to him or any one of you on the Central Line, if you were in London. We are nothing more than a few words in cyberspace. I am not Bobby. I am not a blog. I am none of this. But thanks to a few words, on here, I am everything.

Now, nearly 18 months later it's time to change what I first wrote.

I once read about a guy on the internet who used to think he had destroyed his life but I don't think it was destroyed. The last I heard he went to Sydney. I hope he went and found what I think he was looking for.

So farewell then London Preppy.

But before you go, I have just one thing to admit....

Okay, I did actually end up wearing them on the beach. And I pulled someone as a result, so they worked.


All the very best and I think you owe me a signed fucking copy of the book when it appears.


Steven said...
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Monty said...

Ooooh, I LOVE the pic of you and your package in your speedos!!! Mmmmmmm....

chabang said...


...that is all

Anonymous said...
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Bobby Cox said...


Monty: Okay, I'll post more of them.

Chabang: V. v. gay actually!

London Preppy said...

I'd like to thank Steven for taking the time to go to yet another blog (third I've counted so far) to express how superior he feels and how my blog never meant anything to him and how he sees through us all really. I think we're all convinced by now, for sure.

I wish I had the time to look a bit more into this and find the remaining 436 blogs he commented on about me, but I'm staring at this wall right now and it might move in any second

Bobby Cox said...

Two comments I posted but have taken down. At least four that are just nasty which I rejected and a response to ...
To all those who want to come and be nasty and horrible and petty and bitchy; go and be horrid somewhere else.
I wrote this post because it's my blog. If you don't like it, go and start your own blog and fill it with your own nastiness.
We're all having a group hug and cannot be disturbed!

Ade said...

Why were people nasty? I love this blog and LPs. And I have to say that yes the pictures of sexy swimwear help in both cases, I admit I am shallow, but hey, so what.....

Bobby Cox said...

Ade it's just horrid. One of the comments I rejected said something like "you're a wanker for reading that shit" - but it wasn't quite written like that. There was a fuck in it as well.
I can't be bothered to read that sort of stuff.

Graham said...

Oh Bobby, we all know where that kind of negativity comes from, don't we.


Some blogs are jut a blog. Others get lots of attention and some people don't like to see someone else getting all the attention. In LPs case, I think the mix of good writing, hilarious, but somewhat dark humour and the fact that he's easy on the eye was bound to draw lots of negativity. F*ck them. I'm glad LP wrote to you, coz somehow I came across his blog and then yours and well, the rest, as they say, is history.

Bobby Cox said...

G Man: You're right - just as I've said, a blog is a blog is a blog. People get so wound up. They shouldn't.
And now the rest really is history.

Robert said...

I miss London Preppy, but glad you're still here.