Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Gym sucks

Shit. I have absolutely and completely lost my gym mojo. I simply cannot be bothered.
22:00 updates in red: I can be bothered because I've just got back and I did arms.

What does one do in this situation? I have bought some new books and changed all the music on my iPod shuffle but nothing seems to be working.
I just listened to the same songs over and over, particularly the Freemasons remix of Disco's Revenge by Gusto

I walk in and the energy just drains from me. Maybe I need a new gym?
I think this is a serious proposition. The place I go to now is so tedious.

Going to gym feels like I'm being forced to read a biology textbook. Words like pectoral and tricep mean about as much to me as mitochondria and osmosis. Who the fuck cares?

It's London Pride on July 5th and I have a new vest I wanted to wear, and I'm going to look like a muppet unless I get into the gym and start getting into shape but fuck it.
I'm going to wear this vest even though I'm going to look like an out of shape loser. Fuck being body-conscious. (I know I'm going to regret that comment.)

Even writing about the gym bores me.
It still does so I don't know why I'm coming back to this post. A bit like a dog returning to its own pool of sick. Has that made you a little queasy? Do you even care?

I didn't go for about 10 days while in South Africa and my stomach is in a bad shape but who can be bothered?
I did sit-ups so that's fine. I did about 100 of them and some cardio. 

I want cake and beer and chips and tomato sauce.
I think I am going to substitute these cravings for jelly. Jelly is non-fattening, if you make it with water surely? What is it anyway? It's water and gelatin shit.

Stressing about the way I looked was something I did in my 20s. Screw that now.

Okay; breathe, breathe.

"Bobby, get into the gym and start to make an effort you lazy fucking bastard. Remember how nice it feels to look great without a shirt on. Get in there and get stuck in. For fucks' sake."

Even my self-motivation skills are lacking.

Tonight at the gym I am going to do cardio and then some sit-ups and that's if I actually even get there.
I did that.

Will someone please just come and shoot me with the gun of indifference. Like now.
Well, don't really shoot me but do you want a nice poem I found?

If you're ever obsessed with someone you can send it in a card to them. Great to freak them out with it. I love it...

Separation by W.S. Merwin

Your absence has gone through me
Like thread through a needle.
Everything I do is stitched with its colour.

And that's the end now. If you want more entertainment, go and roof-rattle your neighbours. Or shit in some newspaper, light it and put it on their doorstep and then ring the bell.

Can anyone recommend any music to me? Obscure stuff. I need my horizons broadening. I want good stuff. Okay, you have to answer this, "what's the last CD you bought / downloaded?"


deikse mou said...

Gelatin is made from bones, skins, and hides of cows and pigs. Yum! Eat all you want!

I just bought the Yazoo boxset "In My Room". Love Love Love eighties music!

David said...

Last CD I downloaded: the new Sigur Ros album. Haven't listened to it yet.

Most interesting obscure-ish CD I downloaded recently: Soha - "D'ici et d'ailleurs". French, pop/chanson, very accessible, fashionable, great atmosphere-building background...

Bobby Cox said...

Deikse: Yazoo is radical 80s. I love 80s - especially obscure 80s, snap!
I have two obscure 80s songs I recently found
The Art Company - Susanna
Taco - Puttin' On The Ritz
I love them. I think my three best 80s tunes are:
FR David: Words
Mike Oldfield: Moonlight Shadow
Sheena Easton: Strut
I am going to dip into Yazoo now. Thanks for the suggestion!

David: Yes, I sampled Tourbillon on iTunes and I like! They sound a little like Pink Martini (the LEGEND that is...) thanks for this suggestion. I am going to try and few of these tracks. Brilliant thank you too!
(C'est bien mieux comme ca also sounds good...)

London Preppy said...

Last CD I downloaded:

The album The Alternative by IAMX. IAMX is the solo band of the guy who was the main force behind the Sneaker Pimps. It's very dark and electro and a bit Depeche Mode

Bobby Cox said...

Preppy of London: Holy macaroni! The Sneaker Pimps. I used to love them. The Armand van Helden remix of Spin Spin Sugar is like 1998 all over again. Haha! And the DJ would always play that back-to-back with Professional Widow. Or mix them up. Ah, the memories. I think I necked a girl to that song.
actually my favourite song off that album is post-modern sleaze.
God - there's so much music from those years I'd forgot. Karmacoma, Portishead: All Mine and Tricky: Overcome - the BEST song.
my girlfriend at the time - katie - was like huge into suede, pulp, blur and menswear. i was a loser because I liked Space and Morcheeba. but neither of us like oasis. god.
Speaking of Depeche Mode - Barrel of Gun was also around that time, I remember. And Live - Lakini's Juice - the song was Secret Samadi or something. Or that was the album actually. I went through a rocky phase then.
I have just downloaded "President" and I like this. Having musical horizons broadended is the BEST.

Timmy said...

The last cd I downloaded was Donna Summers Crayons.

Splicer said...

An album I've been listening to nonstop is "Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer" by Of Montreal. It's not great for working out, but it's still awesome music.

fleetmonkey said...

I've never actually downloaded a whole album - Itake the download songs I like approach. I will still go and buy a CD of an artist I really like.

If you wan't obscure - try some Frank Zappa (has the most gorgeous son called Dweezil who was briefly in Pretty in Pink and the Running Man)

Official Sound Tracks of Movies are the way to go as well - especially the 80's stuff.

humanpingpongball said...

last bought cd: deep cuts by the knife

also quite nice: jamie lidell, sam sparro, crystal castles, M83, fleet foxes, martina topley bird, new tricky album

and you should try the good belgian stuff
Styrofoam, Headphone, dEUS (the architect), Das pop,

czechOUT said...

I think I know what might help with your gym problems.

Come here and do it on the beach with all these hot Israelis.

I'll post some pics of then just for you Blob.

Time flies by.


(ps the "Blob" was subliminal, reminds you why you should be bothered)

W said...

I am so with you on the gym situation. Things were going well up to Mykonos at the end of last month. Since i got back, i simply cannot be bothered.

Last night i ate a whole pack of cookies, the night before a whole bag of assorted chocolates. I felt sick after both, but still couldnt stop myself.

Maybe its a summer thing.

Maybe its a growing up and being cmore content with who you are thing...nah cannot be that!

Anonymous said...

Last CD downloaded….Tristan Prettyman

You want obscure…….

Electric Prunes……I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

For your consideration…..

Tristan Prettyman…..”Hello” and/or “Twenty-three” Favorite song- Breathe

Down to the Bone…..”From Manhattan to Staten” Favorite song- Brooklyn Heights

Ottmar Leibert….Favorite songs-Barcelona Nights and Hearts Still / Beating

Vonda Shepard…”Songs from Ally McBeal” Cover of old songs, kinda camp

Wayne said...

Well I'm just back from the Sonar festival in Barcelona and am ODing on a variety of DJs / acts like...

Ben Watt
Tender Forever
Christopher D Ashley
Roisin Murphy (and she's Irish!)
Hersules and Love Affair
Ewan Pearson

...but, like, whatever you're into...

Anonymous said...

Cut Copy, In Ghost Colours

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Is this the same gym where the hot twenty-one-year-old picked you up? If so, I wouldn't think that "tedious" would be the exact right word.

Bobby Cox said...

Thanks for the comments about the gym. As you can imagine I am not really that tired of the gym - it's just that I haven't been sorting my shit out.

And as for the music - there is a load of stuff and it all looks great. I am going to go through each suggestion - guys, thank you. Thank you.

I know it's just a blog but there's nothing more exciting than asking for an opinion and getting 15 answers. I am going to type a blog on this but... Right now, I am grateful and thankful for the responses.
THank you.
Bob x x

Timmy said...

the neighbors will hear makes a good point. just saying.

ANDRE said...

Download "Unrest" by Erlend Øye. The best fucking album ever. Maybe not your style, but give it a try. Oh, and it's not new, so probably you've heard it already...

Most recent albums I downloaded are "Sensuous" by Cornelius but it's kinda old, and "You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into" by Does It Offend You, Yeah?, which reflects more what I feel like right now.

Happy said...

Hey, you might want to give the following a listen to;

Sketches of spain, Miles Davis, jazz anno 1960
Sia - breathe me (mylo mix; a bit old, but oh so sweet and given heavy rotation here)
!!! (or chk chk chk, from Brooklyn)
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings (sweet soul)
Jens Lekman
Horace Andy (contributed to quite a bit of Massive Attack's stuff, check out his early rasta)
The National (Brooklyn, oh so good)
Cosmo Baker & Dj Ayres (also labelled as "The Rub" when they bring the rest of their friends) does amazing remixes of all of the tracks you had forgotten were your favourites; Ghostbusters and Milli Vanilli mixed with Baltimore beats (I want to live in Brooklyn).

For that classic 80's feel, how about some Eurythmics, Stevie Wonder, Grandmaster Flash' white lines or a bit of Rick Astley?

And yep, being Norwegian I suggest you get heavily into all of the projects of Erlend Øye, Ugress, Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band, oh and Annie as well. Someone mentioned The knife, such classic Swedish so I reckon you have all that, Crystal Castles is kind of atari inspired electro which I found a bit too whiney. Check the album art.

Oh, I had Mike Oldfield's Moonlight Shadow together with Desireless Voyage Voyage on autoreverse on my walkman and oversized headphones. Love the sound that tapes had at the beginning and end of each side..

Sorry for this being so fø long, I got kind of excited..