Monday, 23 June 2008

Total zen

This morning I fell out of bed at around 9am because I hate being part of something that everyone else is doing. Everyone else in London is walking to the Tube station or getting into the office and moaning about it being Monday.

I, on the other hand, leap out of bed and go outside to stand in the beautiful morning sunshine for ten minutes. It's good to be otherwise.

While standing in the crisp London air (cue shaking of house and sound of British Airways Mega-Jumbo blast overhead) I listen to Day Too Soon by Sia. This is a nice start.

To dress, it's retro 80s tune-time. Who remembers Landscape's Einstein a-go-go? I love this song because to everyone else having to hear it, it's the height of fucking annoyance. That goddam electric flute, man.

Thankfully the Tube is not busy because everyone's now at work but the Jubilee Line is fucked and so is the Central Line.

Fucked means it's running late or it's on the wrong tracks or there's someone under the train at Mile End (what are they doing under there?) or the drivers are sick.

I don't mind waiting for the train because having listened to Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray on the way to the station, I'm in a zen-like Marcia-fucking-Brady trance.

"Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!"

Holy fuck, jokes aside. Will you look these shoes...

Who the fuck has purple shoes? Someone on who got on at Baker Street station, that's who. They're fucking purple, like rum & raisin.

He got on, sat down and my eyes nearly burst out of my head. Purple, with whites socks and a silver suit. I was tempted to ask him; "dude, what the hell do you think you're trying to prove?"

Purple and white smeary leather shoes. If you're going to do that sort of thing on the Tube at least try and be discreet like sitting in an empty carriage or something.

If the song Hollaback Girl was a pair of shoes, it would be those bastards. That shit is bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s. Even writing about that song and those shoes is making a little mini-vomit in my throat.

By the time I get into the office I am back in my beautiful zen, thanks to Katherine Ellis and the Freemasons.

All together now; "Baby when you touch me on my body, I loose every feeling that I used to know...I'm losing my mind, here I go!"
FYI: This song is called When You Touch Me by The Freemasons, featuring Katherine Ellis

Oh yeah, while I think about it, none of you bitches got me anything for my birthday. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

If you want to put yourself in the good books you can get me one of two things.

Either him...

Or him...

Now go and get. Please.


Steph said...

Good news! Chaka Kan (sic) is at the O2 in July - you got to go see it. It is her you had the cd of init?

Bobby Cox said...
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Bobby Cox said...

Steph: So good news! I don't really know Chaka Khan but yey! If I tell you, the amount of concerts I've missed because I just have been a dip-shit.
Grace Jones
Eartha Kitt thanks for the warning. I don't have a CD of Chaka Laka but you know... new experiences etc. Can you recommend it?

Timmy said...

I'm a shoe whore but even this whore has SOME standards. Those purple shoes would never grace my feet.

seahorse said...

i said it once i said it twice and so i say it again... Purple is the color of sexual frustration! Bjork was good. Grace was awesome in 99 at the camel experience at Decorex centre in joeys and UNFORTUNATELY i missed my fave ol Eartha, whom recently performed in London whilst abroad in africa.. Soon me lady soon...

Steph said...

I've got the wrong end of the stick here - apologies. Can you remember a post (dare I say on a blog called Bobby something) where you had this Asian woman with freaky make-up on a cd cover and you said you liked her? What was she called?

Bobby Cox said...

Steph: Haha ! that wasn't Chaka Khan, that was Kimera who had the heavy eye make-up!
How funny that you should remember that! x x