Monday, 6 April 2009

Monday 06 April 09

Wake up. That's more like it.

Getting changed in the gym, a great time to come because everyone's leaving. I have the whole place to myself.

Well I would have had the place to myself except for one man who seems intent on getting in the way. He shouldn't be in the weights section but on a treadmill.

In Sainsbury's shopping but can't stop myself from finding the latest Attitude magazine where some guy called Gethin appears on the cover. Anna had told me about it.

I text Anna.
"Ah yes. Just seen the cover of The Magazine. Not bad. Do send GJ my kindest regards"

"I showed him your text. He says thanks and sends his kindest regards too." I'm in aisle 7 wondering what the difference is between "triple-ply" and "luxury quilt".

Drinking green tea and preparing to grill some turkey breast for lunch.

Realise that it's time for the afternoon nap. I budget 39 minutes for this activity.

Afternoon nap over, time to go to the bank.

I hate the bank but then spot this which cheers me up.

Make two resolutions that will be left unfulfilled.

Begin to think that if I was at home at this time I would be with friends on the balcony watching the sun go down, sipping beer and having a cigarette.

Decide on a bracing walk around the block (it's a large block) so that I can stroll alone, listening to my iPod and feeling sorry for myself amongst the crowds of strangers. The song for the walk is Reckoner by Radiohead.
My favourite bit of the song is from 2:04 to 2:31.

Reading this story in Rolling Stone about a high school wrestling jock who got into an relationship with his PE teacher. It all went wrong and has left him alone and destroyed.

Thinking about a road trip I would love to make. I would to buy an old Mercedes SL500 similar to this one but in red. There's a reason for this particular car...

... and we'd set off from Cape Town and head for the Karoo, the barren interior of South Africa.

By day we'd drive and listen to music very loudly with the top down under the blazing African sun.

We'd find accommodation in some of the tiny villages dotted through the countryside and then, before it gets dark head to the outskirts of the town. And this is where the Merc comes into its own.

Because those particular models have enormous moulded but flat bonnets we'd be able to lie on it. We could use the windscreen as a pillow and look up to the stars, swigging Jack Daniels and listening to a few tunes.

I've come up with three to begin with:
1/ Kenny Rogers - The Gambler
2/ The Eagles - Desperado
3/ Kate Bush - Prologue

If I were to ask you, would you come with me?


Timmy said...

Just tell me when!

fleetmonkey said...

No I wouldn't come - don't fly.

As to your two resolutions that won't come true - Meet Betty White? and learn to fire a handgun?

She is still about I believe; and isn't firepower encouraged on the Cape?

Alfred said...

Yes Boboy i want come with you.but i think this is impossible and i have never try to think or said about it.Nice to meet you.

Bobby Cox said...

Timmy: Okay fine.

Fleets: Those weren't my resolutions but they'll do. I've always thought about owning a gun.

Alfred: There will always be a place in the Mercedes for you...

Anonymous said...

I own a '95 White-Black Ragtop SL600,,,,Would you come with me??

Bobby Cox said...

Anon: It's a deal...

Fresco said...

Is the reason for this particular red Mercedes SL500 that it was BOBBY Ewing's red car in 'Dallas'?

Bobby Cox said...

Fresco: I never thought of that but yeah! Whenever I see those cars I'm always reminded of Eddie Murphy's red one in Beverly Hills cop... they are classy wheels though.