Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tuesday 07 April 09

Waking up later and later. Luxury.

Walking in to the gym and hear a song that shakes me to my very core. It's Ronan Keating butchering Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time.

The point of this song is a brittle Cyndi singing about the memories of a past relationships, not the boorish and vainglorious Ronan Keating warbling. I imagine he sings it with his fists clenched and his eyes shut.

I make a mental note to ostracize anyone from now on who admits to owning anything to do with this idiot. Some things are supposed to be sacred you tosser.

Manage 8 reps of bicep hammers with 42lb on each arm.
This is because the only thing I want in life one of the things I want in life are guns like these...
Over-sized biceps make you interesting to talk to, a hit at parties and kind to animals.

In Sainsbury's for the traditional post work-out shop for the day's food. Spot this in the place where they sell mashed up fruit in cardboard containers...

Have you ever heard of yumberries?!

No matter what berries go into these drinks (dingleberries even?) it's odd how they always end up tasting like strawberry and banana. Have you ever eaten some exotic food that doesn't taste like chicken? I ponder this question for 4 seconds.

Spend 33 minutes on the phone to The Boy On the Right in South Africa.

He's having a midlife crisis just as everyone does a few weeks before their birthday. The mid-twenties can be a real bummer. Wait until he hits 30. I don't say that to him though.

Afternoon nap time has slipped a bit even though I budget a whopping 37 minutes for this activity.

Stick on a load of washing. Whites.

Asking myself the question everyone else is asking themselves, where will you be in 2019?
I can't even guarantee to you that I will still be alive. I really do hope I am.
Will you still be here? Will this blog still be here? Will I be in London? Will you still know me?

How's this for profound? I'm only scared about the future because of what's past.

Imagine being able to say that in ten years I'll be married to a wonderful lady and have two young kids, a Volvo and a golden retriever named Sandy. And then hell freezes over. Thinking about this topic makes me anxious and depressed so I leave it.

Watch three episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 3. Particularly the episode where Susie accuses Larry of getting her kid drunk. This is TV gold.

Consider beddy-byes and dreams of 2019. I get a glass of water and some warm towels incase I wake up screaming and sweating.


beels said...

Bobby, if you had read the packet (as you most certainly should have) you would have seen the entirely feasible explanation of said 'yumberries'. I have kindly done the research for you and you now bemused readers:

"Yumberries. They're kind of new, in an old way. They were invented way back when angry gods started thunderstorms with big hammers made of stone. A long time ago. But they're new to us. So we thought we'd get them into a smoothie quick sharp. They grow on trees (not bushes) and are roughly the same size as a big cherry, complete with a single stone in the middle.
In China, where the fruit is from, they're known as yang-mei. But an enterprising American called Mr Stenftenagel thought that 'yang-mei' sounded a bit like 'yummy' whilst visiting Shanghai a few years ago, and the name stuck. Quite right too. Stenftenagelberries would have been all kinds of wrong."

fleetmonkey said...

There is a good male cover of Time after Time - Matchbox 20 - grrr Rob Thomas - imagine if Ronan had done Girls Just Wanna have fun. In defence of Ronan this is a tribute album to his dead Mum.

Are the afternoon siestas deliberate or not? Google sleep apnea if not.

My biggest concern about 2019 is that I will be exactly where I am at the minute single, overweight, and in debt suffering with anxiety and depression. The Volvo and the Retriever (although prefer Labs) sounds pretty good - and I think in this day and age you could probably quite comfortably swop the Mrs for a Mr.

Bobby Cox said...

Beels: This is excellent work.
You will be given the title Honorary Research Assistant.
This is of course subject to your acceptance of the challenge.

Bobby Cox said...

Fleets: In ten years time you don't have to be like you are now. And that means something coming from me. You know that if I can do it then you can too...
So what are you waiting for? (seriously..)

beels said...

Challenge definitely accepted. I'm honoured. Oh and btw your 'Day 94' picture on 365 is AWESOME!!