Saturday, 18 April 2009

Saturday, 18 April 09

Cameron's a really lovely guy but again I find myself hiding in the broom cupboard under the stairs at his house.

He really needs to sit down and have a word with his housemate about his lifestyle choices.

I mean how much is there for me to discuss with a bloody Hoover?


I think that's enough for now...

Ya, spending 20 minutes crouched underneath the stairs isn't my idea of fun. There is only one solution...

Can't believe what I see while walking to gym. Is it a sign? Is it something sent from on high?
Is Cameron the one who's going to be coming on the road trip?

Remember this? Well, look what's parked in my path...

This is the car... nearly. It's a 3-litre straight six although we want the 500SL V8.

Because I take this as some sort of divine indication I have to stop and sit down on the wall near it. The Eagles must play on my iPod..

And I wanna sleep with you in the desert tonight
With a billion stars all around
Cos I've got a peaceful easy feeling...

Yes, I think we've had enough of hearing about Susan Boyle now actually.

Back in the Armani store in Westfield to smell the leather jacket I like because this is how I buy clothes.

I either buy them on a whim and then feel sorry for myself for spending so much on something I'm not sure about or I spend around 4 months, two weeks and 3 days making a decision which, in the end, I back out of.

£400 is sort of a lot but not much on an Armani jacket. It's beautiful.
I haven't yet taken a photo of it to lie in bed at night and look at. This will give me something to do tomorrow.

What the fuck am I doing at work? What er?! Oh yeah, I agreed to come in for a few pennies to do some extra work. So I guess I'd better do it.

In the Tesco debating whether to have a Lemon Curd Finest* yoghurt after my sushi lunch.

Yum, yum bubblegum, stick your finger up your bum. Lemon curd yoghurt after sushi tastes brilliant.

At home and looking for something to do even though:
1/ the gym bag needs emptying and repacking
2/ the laundry basket is groaning under the weight of dirty clothes
3/ the bedroom floor needs vacuuming
4/ the pile of filing I need to do in the lounge keeps sliding off the top of the bookcase because it's so high

Yes, I feel Season 5 of Curb Your Enthusiasm is just what I need on this warm but rather windy Saturday evening.

Reading in bed.

Preparing to go to bed and have a little ache inside that it's Saturday night, not yet 11pm and I am getting into my pyjamas. Outside the window I hear a train whistle, music wafting in on the breeze and people laughing.
London on a Saturday night happens around me. I am nothing.

It's not so bad because tomorrow, you'll be slouched and shit-faced in front of the TV with pizza, ice cream and a violated soul while I will be all smugs in the office pocketing extra coinage.

Text from Grant. "Hi - what's up?" I ignore it. Bla bla.


fleetmonkey said...

Pics of Cedric Diggory yesterday; broom cupboard today - hello Harry Potter

Mike said...


Fresco said...

OMG, Bobby Ewing lives!
It’s like the cream-colored Mercedes that keeps turning up in BEE’s ‘Lunar park’. :-)

Bobby Cox said...

Fleets: And you should see what I can do with a broomstick!

Mike: Haha hoho hihi!

Fresco: I haven't read Lunar Park but the song Luna Park on the Pet Shop Boys' Fundamental album is pretty good... I like it.